Tornado Alley To Change Name To Tornado Boulevard

Residents of Tornado Alley in America’s mid west have successfully lobbied to change the name of their address to Tornado Boulevard as the previous name was having a negative affect on house prices.
“When you hear the word ‘alley’ you immediately think of a dark, ill light thoroughfare populated with overflowing garbage bins, mangy cats and pimps,” said Kansas resident Jeff Frankfort, “Whereas when you hear the word ‘boulevard’ it brings to mind images of a sophisticated, tree lined right of way where you’d expect to find rich ladies walking their poodles.”
“I expect the name change to add almost $50,000 to the price of my house, which I intend putting on the market as soon as I find it again.”
Other residents are not so enthusiastic about the name change.
“It’ll do diddly-squat for the value of my property,” said Fred Hagen of South Dakota. “I voted for Tornado Parkway, which puts a very nice image of a lush, grassy bordered roadway into the mind of any prospective buyer. Heck, even Tornado Avenue would have been a better choice”.
Mr Hagen then excused himself to go remove a dead witch from underneath his house, which is now located much closer to public transport than it was this morning.
Peter Green

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