Man Walks Across Nullarbor To Raise Money For Bad Cause

Mortdale man Don Pleasance is in pain but happy after finishing his three month walk from Perth to Adelaide that has raised over for $40,000 for the Grannyboot Project, a charity dedicated to kicking old ladies in the bum.
“My feet are blistered and I’ve worn out seventeen pairs of sandshoes but it’s worth it to know that the money is going to such a bad cause”, said an exhausted Pleasance after he finished his marathon hike in Hindley Street yesterday afternoon. “The people at the Grannyboot Project have told me that they will be able to buy at least 100 special studded pairs of Doc Martin’s that will be given to their volunteers and put to bad use kicking old ladies in the bum.”
“If I’d known it was for such a bad cause there’s no way I would have let the people in the Balladonia Roadhouse shave my head’, said Wagga Wagga caravanner Rex Kramer, who donated $500 to Pleasance. “Um, it’s still tax deductible, right? Then I suppose it’s okay then.”
“I normally don’t give money to charity but when Don explained that it was for such a bad cause I gave him twenty bucks on the spot”, said Port Augusta satanist Thelma Arbogast. “I think we’ve all been touched by the thought that somewhere there might be an old lady not getting kicked in the bum.”
This is not the first endurance event undertaken by Pleasance to raise money for a bad cause. Last year he rowed a rowboat across Bass Strait to raise money for the Fidoblubblub Council, a charity dedicated to drowning puppies in a bucket.

Peter Green


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