“Big Dog” Caught Partying At Three In the Morning

Popular regional television star “Big Dog” has been suspended from his duties on the NBN Nine Network after being photographed carousing in the early hours of the morning in a Newcastle nightclub when he should have been at home in bed.

“This big furry guy was obviously intoxicated and bumping into people on the dance floor”, said surprised patron Elaine Dickinson. “When he turned around I recognised him straight away as Big Dog. I was shocked. He’s been telling me to go to bed early for years and yet here he is out and about at all hours.”

“He’d had an exciting day with lots of adventures and as usual I’d tucked him into his doona and helped him say goodnight to all his friends”, said Big Dog’s owner Hilary Flammond. “But as soon as I’d turned the light off and closed the door he’d stuffed a whole heap of pillows under the covers to make it look like he was in bed and off he climbed out the window.”

Big Dog’s management has issued a statement saying that Big Dog had been working very hard and under a lot of pressure to go to bed on time.

“Big Dog has let himself down, his family down, but mainly he’s let all the boys and girls down who faithfully went to bed thinking that he too was cuddled up snugly under his quilt.”

Peter Green


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