Models In Lowes Ads Giving Young Men Unrealistic Body Image Expectations

A leading psychologist has slammed the long running Lowes menswear advertising campaign as being dangerous to the self esteem of vulnerable teenage boys.

“When a young man looks in the mirror and doesn’t see the same perfectly proportioned physique of a Steve “Blocker” Roach or a Darryl Brohman it can lead to severe body image issues and even eating disorders,” said adolescent psychology expert Mortimer Turvey. “What they have to understand is that these guys are professional models and shouldn’t be used a standard to judge their own looks. We have to get the message out that it’s perfectly okay to have a flat belly and no man boobs.”

“We get constantly bombarded with images of good looking guys like Paul Sironen and Alfie Langer,” said Penrith teenager Trent Sigsworth. “I started eating chips with every meal and denying myself salads and wondering what was wrong with me because I didn’t have thinning hair.”

The head of the advertising agency behind the campaign is unrepentant and has vowed to keep on using well toned male models.

“I’m sorry but the public just want to see good looking people in our ads,” said Darius Barlow of the advertising agency Scrumpox and Cauliflour. “We’re not just selling flannelette shirts and cheap boardies, we’re selling a dream.”

Peter Green

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