Toddler Feels 39th Viewing of “Frozen” Needed To Fully Get What The Director Was Trying To Say.

Adelaide three year old Georgia Tyler has demanded that her dad play the blu-ray of Frozen one more time to allow her to appreciate the director’s subtle use of metaphor within his mis en scene.

“This is a work of cinematic art that requires more than just a superficial 38 viewings”, said Georgia, who wants to be either a pirate or a ballet dancer when she grows up. “There’s so much going on in the subtext then in Tangled, which I only needed to watch 29 times. I like ducks. Do you like ducks?”

“Please kill me”, said Georgia’s father Brett Tyler. “Oh my god, they’re singing “Let It Go” again.”

After interrupting her 39th viewing of Frozen at the 24 minute mark to go out into the backyard to make mud pies, Georgia reports that she is looking forward to her first visit to a real movie theatre to watch the “Minions” movie.

Peter Green


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