All The Best Stuff From Weekly Grocery Shopping Eaten On first Night

Narwee man Rex Farley will be forced to snack upon margarine covered Jatz Crackers until next Thursday after eating all the tasty treats from his weekly grocery shop within hours of returning to his flat.

“I thought the mini pack of Adrian Zumbo designed coconut cream Tim Tams would last me until Tuesday if I rationed myself to one a day but instead I wolfed down the entire pack in three closely spaced trips to the kitchen cupboard”, said a guilt ridden Farley, 37, who works as a traffic controller. “I specifically bought the Oak chocolate milk that thickens when you shake it to drink as a reward after my Sunday morning run but I got thirsty halfway through the movie I was watching and down it went too.”

The tube of Pringles roast chicken chips and the tub of Coles home brand caramel popcorn ice cream also failed to survive the night, leaving Farley with the option of subsisting on a diet of rice cakes covered in cream cheese or making a quick trip out to the nearby service station to see if they have any close to the use by date Cherry Ripes available at half price.

“I’ve learnt my lesson. Next week I’m going to make that six pack of ginger kisses last till Wednesday”, vowed Farley. “But just in case I’ll slip in a packet of Ryvita crispbreads as a fallback option.”

Peter Green


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