IKEA Found To Be Only Buyer Of Swedish Literature

The Swedish Society of Authors has admitted that 99% of sales of Swedish books have been to IKEA stores to show customers what the bookshelves look like when they have books in them.

“I was really chuffed to think that I’d sold thousands of copies of my novel”, said Swedish author Saga Borg, “Then the other day I was in the IKEA store looking at BESTÅ bookcases and there I found 30 pristine copies of my book in a row.”

Sales of Borg’s first novel “Dodens vingslag”, a sensitive depiction of a young teen boy’s love affair with a reindeer, number in the millions, despite the fact that no-one has actually read the book.

“I’ve got to admit my novel does look great filling up the space in a BORGSJÖ shelf unit”, said Swedish literary master Audrey Schulman, “But as far as I know, the only reader of it has been some curious furniture customer having a peek inside to see if its a real book or not.”

Schulman’s book “Når isbjörnen Kommer”, a whimsical take on life from the perspective of a meatball, was awarded the 2013 Urbydurby Prize for best magical realist work in a faked up home office display.

Author: Peter Green


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