Man With Southern Cross Neck Tattoo Probably Not Astronomy Buff

That guy at the pub with a diagram of the southern cross constellation tattooed on his neck is not someone who I’ve seen hanging around the radio telescope, reports Sydney University astronomy student Lisa Tan.

“He didn’t correct me when I casually noted that Epsilon Crucis is a red giant when everyone knows it’s a stage K3111 fourth magnitude star”, said the 19 year old student who hopes to complete her masters degree on the relationship between microwave radiation and the origin of the universe.

“Though he did get excited when I offered to show him the map of the Horsehead Nebula I have tattooed on my left buttock.”

Tan suspects the guy may be some kind of geology student after finding out that he belongs to a group called Reclaim Australia.

“I guess that means he’s interested in draining the water out of swampy land and putting it to more productive use for the agricultural sector. I’ll get his number anyway because he’s kind of cute.”

Peter Green


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