Customer In Shop Not Really Sorry About All The Loose Change

Despite apologising, other people who were in the store at the same time believe a man who paid for a paper and Mars bar with $3.95 in small change at a Penshurst newsagency didn’t really care about all the trouble he was causing.

“He used a dollar coin, four fifty cent pieces, two twenties, a ten and forty five cents worth of fives,” said sales assistant Aaron Frosch, “Whilst he clearly had a two dollar coin and a five dollar note in his wallet that he tried to hide from me behind the fat part of his hand. I reckon he was using me to make his wallet lighter and get rid of those fives.”

“He sort of mumbled an apology but you could tell his heart wasn’t really in it”, said regular newspaper buyer Ellen Subway. “I had to wait a full fifteen seconds while the guy behind the counter made sure it added up. I hate those guys almost as much as I hate those smug bastards who jump the queue and leave the correct change on the counter as they waltz out with their paper while I’m patiently waiting in line to buy mine.”

The customer in question refused to comment, though he did reveal that he has a strong right arm which he likes to use to whack nosy reporters with a rolled up newspaper.

Peter Green


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