Pensioner Really Enjoying Movie Starring That Man, You Know The One, Him.

Sydney pensioner Elsie Watkins is currently having a great time watching the midday movie on Channel Seven starring that man, oh what’s his name, he’s in that other movie, the one with the hair.
“Oh he’s in everything, it’ll come to me in a minute, you know the man I’m talking about,” said Elsie, 88, as she prepared a cup of tea during the commercial break. “He was in that movie with that other man, the one with the legs.”
The man is one of Elsie’s favourite actors, along with the woman with the dress and the other man, he sings as well, you know the one with the eyes on his face.
“I know the man you mean,” said Herman Brown, Elsie’s next door neighbour who just popped in see how her check up with the doctor went. “He’s always the smooth looking guy in a tuxedo. He’s good, I like him.”
Several hours after the movie finished, while watching Deal Or No Deal, Elsie suddenly said “Pierce Brosnan… of course. That’s his name.”

Peter Green


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