Barbecue Sauce Chosen As Safest Option For Kebab

Despite toying with the idea of going with the tahini and garlic sauce, a Riverwood man has once again settled with the barbecue sauce as the least threatening condiment for his doner kebab.

“I really had a long hard think about the hummus or the white sauce in the squeezy bottle but in the end I just knew I couldn’t go wrong with good old barbecue”, said electrician Perce Bronson at the counter of local kebab shop Sultans Of Schwarma. “I suspect the guy who served me thought I was a bit lame but at least I didn’t say no to the onion.”

“I could see Perce was struggling internally with the decision but when I asked which sauce he wanted he got this panicked look on his face and blurted out barbecue,” said kebab chef Mehmet Ozdemir. “Every time I serve him we go through the whole sad charade where I ask him which sauce he wants and he asks me what sauces do I have and I rattle off the full list before he decides upon barbecue.”

Perce is looking forward to buying a chicken roll on crusty bread at the local Vietnamese hot bread shop for lunch tomorrow, where once again he will forego the chilli option.

Peter Green


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