“Birthday Cards Now All Filed In Right Location” Reports Man In Newsagency

A man looking for a birthday card for his sister has successfully put most of the cards in the shelving back in their rightful position after twenty minutes of diligent re-arranging.

“How hard can it be to put a card back on top of the identical card after you’ve finished reading the bit in the centre and then decided that it’s not the card you want,” said frustrated paper shop patron Fergus Magillicuddy. “It’s a tiny courtesy that means the next person who browses the cards doesn’t have to lift up every card to see if there is some different card underneath the top card that he may not have seen.”

Magillicuddy spent several minutes checking the width of one card against the width of a selection of empty envelopes that did not have cards in front of them before finally deciding where it should be placed.

“I think I did a good job, I only have two cards left over that don’t seem to match any of the envelopes. I’m not sure how that’s possible unless some people are like buying a small card and just taking any envelope that is bigger than it, even though the fit of card to envelope isn’t as snug as it should be.”

Having tidied up the cards and made his selection, Magillicuddy is now off to the counter to purchase a scratchie to insert into the card.

Peter Green


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