Nation’s Melindas Fed Up With Being Thought Of As Belindas Or Melissas

Australia’s Melindas have demanded that the rest of the country start getting their name right and stop accidentally thinking of them as Belindas or Melissas.
“It’s a fine old Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘one who works as a paralegal secretary’ and shouldn’t be considered inferior in any way to Melissa or that B word,” said paralegal secretary Melinda Johnson, 43, of Five Dock. “I can see my boss hesitating every time he says my name. Actually, he calls me Mel most days and leaves it at that.”
“Even my husband isn’t totally sure what my name is,” said medical receptionist Melinda Johnston, 37, of Dulwich Hill. “Just the other night he accidentally called me Belinda when we were in bed together.”
“I feel sorry for Melinda. It really is a confusing name to go through life with,” said her best friend and next door neighbour Belinda Johnstone. “It’s neither one thing or the other.”
“I’ve got to admit I do have to think twice before saying Melinda’s name,” said Melinda Johnston’s husband Ron, who just happened to be over at Belinda’s house fixing a leaky tap. “I felt like a right dill when I called her Belinda.”
“I guess we don’t do ourselves any favours whenever we shorten our names to Mel,” said high school bursar Melinda Jonson, 41, of Ashfield. “People never know if I’m a Melinda, a Melissa or a Melanie.”
Melissa Johansen, editor of the birth, deaths and marriages notices in the Sydney Morning Herald, reports that Melinda was the 147th most popular girl’s name for 2014-15, finishing just ahead of Belinda in 149th position and just behind Melissa in 145th place.

Peter Green


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