Amount Of Hipsters Shopping In Vinnies Annoys Man Buying Outfit For Fancy Dress Party

Hipsters clogging up the aisles of St Vincent de Paul Society second hand stores are getting in the way of poor people who actually need cheap clothing, reported Sydney man James Tangney as he poked around in his local store looking for 1980s gear for a party he’s going to on Saturday night.
“Charity stores are meant to be helping out those members of society who can’t afford to buy new clothes, not trendy galoots in pork pie hats looking for the latest ironic fashion”, said Tangney as he ran his hands over a selection of keyboard ties and Windsor Smith loafers. “You can hardly move in this store because of all the wankers that pile in all day long looking for grandma dresses and ukeleles.”
Tangney later said he was pleased with the narrow collared shirt and baggy trousers that he eventually purchased, especially as the old lady behind the counter let him have the items for a round $10 rather than the $12.50 they added up to.

Author: Peter Green


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