Customer Who Correctly Added Price Of Two Items Together Must Be A Powerful Wizard, Says Shop Assistant

A sales assistant at a Sydney grocery store was left quaking in fear after a customer managed to add the prices of two items and get the right answer without having to use any kind of calculating device, leaving magic as the only explanation.

“This dude came to the counter with a pineapple donut that cost $2.20 and a bottle of Solo that cost $3.60 and already had $5.80 in his hand to pay for the transaction”, said a pale and shaken checkout operator Kylie Stevenson. “After I’d toted it up on the register and realised that $5.80 was the correct total I fell to the floor in unbridled terror. The guy was obviously some kind of powerful wizard and I felt fearful of what may happen to me if I incurred his wrath.”

Stevenson and fellow checkout operator Dylan Jackson tried to recreate the trick with various items from the store but remain baffled as to how it could have been done without resorting to the supernatural.

“It’s scary to think that there are those who walk among us possessing such unholy powers,” said part time shelf stacker and second year economics student Jackson. “These so called ‘sums’ belong in the pages of a Harry Potter novel, not at the counter of the Earlwood IGA.”

Author: Peter Green


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