Rap Artists Shocked To Find Out They’ve Been Spelling Things Wrong

Hundreds of American rap and hip hop artists have been frantically changing their names and recalling copies of their albums from stores after discovering that their work has been riddled with spelling mistakes.

“I had no idea that I was spelling ‘Little’ incorrectly,” said the millionaire performer who now goes by the name of Little Wayne. “How come someone at the record company never pointed out to me that my album 500 Degreez should have been spelt with an s. I feel like such a fool.”

“I just happened to be reading my daughter 101 Dalmatians as a bedtime story and discovered that dog is only spelt with one g,” said Snoop Dog. “I’ve just spent all morning down at Wal-Mart with a crayon fixing up the cover of my album Paid tha cost to be da boss so it now says Paid the cost to be the boss. You know, now that I look at it written that way it does look better.”

“I was playing a game of scrabble and went to look up the correct spelling of ho in the dictionary and couldn’t find it at all,” said the multi platinum selling singer who recently changed his name to Buster Rhymes. “My fiancĂ© suggested I look under w and there it was. Man, if only Two Pack had known about all this.”

Author: Peter Green


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