Fossilised Dinosaur Tooth Found Under Fossilised Pillow

Palaeontologists say that the discovery of a fossilised t-rex tooth under a fossilised pillow is evidence of the existence of a new species of dinosaur called the toothfairysaurus.

“The tooth belongs to a juvenile of the family tyrannosauridea and is below a large elliptical mass that can only be a pillow,” reported Dr Elaine Delon from the Cardiff Museum of Natural History. “Nearby was the fossilised remains of a door knob with some fossilised string attached to it, which we believe was used by the father of the t-rex to remove the tooth in as painless a way as possible.”

Dr Delon found the remains in a deposit of sleepy sand and declared the find to be the most significant since scientists discovered the bones of three juvenile stegosaurus sitting on the lap of an adult stegosaurus wearing a fossilised fake beard.

“We theorised that find represents a tragic accident where a mudslide has interrupted a rare santaclausaurus photograph.”

Author: Peter Green


3 thoughts on “Fossilised Dinosaur Tooth Found Under Fossilised Pillow

  1. I had a feeling that dinosaurs suffered from toothaches and that baby dinosaurs had evil dino-dads who used creepy human techniques to relieve them of their baby-teeth. Your post validated my hunch. Thank you.

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