Nose Used To Push Elevator Button

A Rydalmere public servant has confessed to using his nose to push the button to summon the elevator when both his hands were out of action carrying a large box of photocopy paper.

“I was carrying the box of ultra white copy paper from the stores department on the second floor back up to the seventh floor and didn’t want to go to all the trouble of putting the box back down on the floor and pick it back up again just to push the lift button,” said tax office employee Stan Barbwyck. “I looked around and couldn’t see anyone so I just leant forward and put some pressure onto the button with the fleshy part of the tip of my nose. I had to use a slightly upward motion to get enough force happening to make the light come on.”

Barbwyck’s piece of button pushing innovation was witnessed by co-worker Candice Storr who was on her way to the lifts to get a sate chicken wrap for lunch.

“I don’t know who comes off worst hygenically in this situation,” mused the slightly perturbed GST assessor. “Is it Stan for putting his nose near our finger germs or us for having to push a surface that has been in contact with his nose, a body part often associated with cold and flu if the ads for cough mixture have taught us anything.”

Ms Storr outlined a future strategy of using her elbow to push the elevator button until she is satisfied that Barbwyck is not incubating that lurgy that is going around.

Peter Green


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