Facebook Ruined Now That My 97 Year Old Mother Is On It, Says 75 Year Old Man

A Sydney pensioner is starting to regret allowing his mother to become his Facebook friend, stating that her presence on the social networking site is thoroughly cramping his style.

“It’s really embarrassing when me and my mates are discussing our favourite AM radio stations or the latest Elvis Presley long player and she suddenly chimes in with some kind of reference to how she thinks the Andrews Sisters are a bunch of sweet patooties,” said retired Allawah boilermaker Nigel Rudd. “If I wanted her opinion on whether or not to get a new statue of a meerkat to put on my front lawn I’d ask her.”

“I’m not trying to be one of his “cobbers” but I do like to know that he’s not falling in with the wrong crowd,” said Rudd’s mother Agnes. “And if he’s intending to join one of these “flash mobs” having a couple of middies of Tooheys Old down at the RSL club I just want to make sure he’s putting his woollies on before he goes out.”

Dr Peggy Dunstan, a sociology lecturer at Monash University who calls herself a social media expert and gets away with it, says that parents have to respect their children’s need to have their own identity in cyberspace.

“Children at Nigel’s age are experimenting with spending all day long in their tracky dacks and having dinner at 5 PM in the afternoon,” said the eager to build her media profile Dr Dunstan. “Agnes should understand that her breaking in with a comment on one of Nigel’s posts is like if her own mother just dropped in uninvited for a cup of tea without first knocking on the front door and saying ‘hooroo’.”

Peter Green


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