Shire Man Not Sure If He Just Tossed His Wallet And Phone Into Garbage Bin At Maccas

A shire man is currently standing paralysed with doubt near the trash bin of a Sylvania Macdonald’s uncertain as to whether he has emptied his wallet and smart phone into the rubbish along with the rest of the contents of his tray.

“I’m pretty sure that my wallet and phone are in my pockets and all that was on the tray was the box that my Big Mac came in, an empty paper bag, a gherkin and a cup half filled with ice,” said Woronora Heights man Lawrie Thrumster. “But with my hands not being in a position to pat my pockets to ensure that they contain my valuables and a full visual inspection of the tray impractical due to its being piled high with post meal detritus this little voice in the back of my head keeps telling me that I may have pitched everything into the bin.”

A quick search of his pockets moments later assured Thrumster that his wallet and phone were still in his possession.

“That’s quite a relief because I’d hate to have to go digging around in the bin because there would be all kinds of mushy stuff put in there by the sorts of people who only half finish their thick shakes and filet o fishes,” said the much less stressed restaurant patron outside in the car park. “Now where are my car keys? Oh bollocks.”

Author: Peter Green


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