Softcock Doesn’t Slow Down To Watch Ball Being Bowled In Cricket Match

Fellow passengers in a car being driven by shire softcock Michael Ladida report that he didn’t even slow down or turn his head to watch the ball that was just about to be bowled as he drove past a cricket match being played on an oval near his home today.

“What kind of a man shows no interest at all in the outcome of a ball that’s just about to be delivered in park cricket match,” said Ladida’s concerned wife Cherie. “It could have bowled the guy or been clouted into the outfield or simply left to go safely through to the keeper but Michael just kept looking straight ahead and didn’t even ease his foot even slightly off the accelerator. I have never felt so unattracted to him as I did at that moment.”

“I had to turn right around in my seat to see what happened because Mike showed an alarming lack of interest and mumbled something pissweak about keeping his eyes on the road,” said Ladida’s best mate Johnno who was sitting in the back passenger seat at the time. “It turned out to be a double bouncing attempted leg break that the batsman took a wild swing at and missed completely, for all that Michael cared. I’ve got to seriously question his manhood.”

The incident follows on from a similar occurrence in Ladida’s car during the winter where he took no notice at all of a penalty kick about to be taken in a soccer match he was driving past.

“I look up to dad as a role model and this sort of thing just confuses me,” said Ladida’s son Caleb. “Every other kid’s dad would have slowed down at least in the hope of seeing if they scored the goal or not.”

Author: Peter Green


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