Unhappy Marriage Not Rich Source Of Material Comedian Was Hoping For

A Sydney stand up comedian has discovered that he is not getting as many funny jokes out of his awful marriage that the history of stand up comedy would have him believe.

“I was expecting to be writing a whole slew of new jokes about nagging, sleeping in the doghouse and arguments about leaving the toilet seat up,” said comic Shecky Meezle. “The reality of my marriage is that we’re going through a lot of intense emotional pain with complex reasons why it isn’t working out. For example, much as I’d love to make jokes about Daphne’s compulsive shoplifting I really don’t want to because it’s actually a very sensitive mental health issue.”

Meezle did try to make a joke of it at a recent open mike night but the line “Take my wife… just like she took that packet of frozen peas from Woolworths” fell flat.

“The really sad part is my mother in law is so nice,” said an exasperated Meezle. “I love it when she comes to visit because Daphne is much happier when she’s around. My mother in law actively encourages my wife to stay with me.”

Meezle’s comedy will be hard hit if he separates from his wife because she will likely take custody of their cat while he’ll keep the dog, leaving him unable to compare the differences between the two types of pet.

Peter Green

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