Internet Solves Decades Old Mystery Of What Joke Meant In Movie

A shire man has successfully used the resources of the world wide web to finally discover the meaning of a joke he didn’t get from a movie he watched in the early 1990s.

“The technology wasn’t available at the time to understand why Garth and Wayne grabbed their faces and said something that sounded like ‘fishy fins’ in the last scene of Wayne’s World when I first saw it at the cinema in 1992,” said Oyster Bay moviegoer Ivan Claudius. “I assumed it was some kind of pop cultural reference to a cartoon show or something. It really bugged me at the time because it was the last joke in the film and obviously was meant to be really funny but it was totally lost on me.”

Claudius had long considered the joke to be a cold case and filed it away in the back of his head as unsolvable. But recent developments in the internet’s ability to concentrate the obsessions of nerds led him to re-open his investigation.

“I got onto Google and typed in fishy, joke, Wayne’s World and what’s it mean. Apparently the line wasn’t ‘fishy fins’ but ‘fished in’, a common bit of American teenage slang at the time for when you say something that fools your listener. Case closed.”

A special investigative task force has been set up inside his head to look into other cold cases that may be solved through the internet.

“This may finally allow me to clear up the mystery of what are the lyrics of that Australian Crawl song Beautiful People,” said an optimistic Claudius.

Author: Peter Green


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