Chair Stacking Rescues Dads From Small Talk

A group of dads standing together in the school hall narrowly escaped having to make awkward small talk at the end of a concert by eagerly volunteering to put the chairs away.

“I was prepared to stack the chairs up by myself but within a microsecond of starting the task about half a dozen dads leapt into action and the job was done in no time,” reported drama teacher Phoebe Picalilly. “Within a blink of an eye they had a system worked out of how many chairs in a stack and which rows to stack up first. It was very impressive.”

“I’ve got to admit I was having a bastard of a time making my job as a beetroot salesman sound even remotely interesting to the other guys and when I saw that the chairs were getting put away I didn’t hesitate,” said Earl Waggerdorn, beetroot salesman and father of that little blonde girl Carly who was part of the ensemble that sang Happy. “No-one had to say a word, we just all thanked the heavens that we didn’t have to entertain each other for another second longer and got stuck into some good old fashioned chair stacking.”

Despite being complicated by the presence of two slightly different makes of chair, which were not able to be stacked onto each other, the dads were able to complete the task just within the time allotted for the mums to finish their conversations, causing much satisfaction.

Peter Green


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