Bath Towel Recklessly Used As Beach Towel

A holidaying nine year old has had his whole concept of the universe thrown out of kilter after his mum defied the laws of fabric by proving that a motel room bath towel can also be used as a beach towel.

“I thought that mum was playing with forces beyond her understanding when she insisted that it was perfectly alright for me to take a bath towel when the family made a snap decision to visit the beach,” said Billy Freckle of the recent experiment conducted during a family road trip to visit his nan in Rockhampton. “The towel didn’t even have any pictures of crabs or palm trees on it. It was just a solid creamy grey colour.”

A protester fearful of what may happen if a bath towel is used at the beach tried unsuccessfully to have the experiment prohibited.

“We just don’t know what’ll happen if we try to absorb salt water with a material designed specifically for drying up hot soapy water,” warned Freckle’s eleven year old sister Violetta. “Plus I don’t want the boys seeing me at the beach with a towel that’s slightly thicker but not quite as wide and as long as a regular beach towel.”

While reportedly feeling a bit funny, the towel was used for both sunbathing and drying off and then worn back to the motel room as a crude kind of kilt. The reaction of the motel cleaning staff to finding a sand ingrained towel on the floor of the bathroom after the Freckle family left the motel was not recorded.

Peter Green


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