Skins Confident Of Beating Shirts In This Year’s Series

Sporting team “The Skins” believe they have what it takes to defeat traditional rivals “The Shirts” in this year’s series, to be decided by the results of thousands of spontaneous games over a multitude of sports.

“The shirts have always been made up of guys who are a little bit softer and prissier than us,” claimed skins captain Cameron Chester. “This year’s skins playing roster has no fear of getting a little bit sunburnt and doesn’t care if anyone thinks their nipples look a bit funny.”

There has been criticism of the traditional team selection policy of players joining whichever team has the least number of players on it when they arrive at the field or court.

“No-one is quite sure what to do when two guys turn up to play at the same time as each other,” said shirts captain Paul Cotton. “We also think it’s unfair that if any girls join the game they automatically get put in the shirts.”

The shirts have won the past five series, putting their success down to superior team work and being slightly less itchy from not having to roll around on the grass without a top on.

“We’re thinking of getting some former skins greats to give our guys a pep talk before each match,” said skins coach Ron Tailor. “I think it’s important to instil a bit of pride in the jersey that we don’t wear.”

Winner of each match will be decided by either who has scored the most points, or by invoking the “next goal wins” rule should it start to get a bit dark and everyone has to go home.

Peter Green


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