Green Sky At Night Delights Colour Blind Shepherd

A colour blind Armidale shepherd has greeted a glorious green sunset with much rejoicing, happy in the knowledge that only fine weather is on the way.

“This means I can move my flock out to the reddest pastures furthest away from shelter,” said deuteranoptic sheep herder Jeremiah Brown. “My happiness levels rose sharply as soon as I looked to the west tonight and saw those lovely shades of emerald, chartreuse and malachite in the sky.”

Shepherds have long eschewed weather reports and advice from meteorologists, instead trusting their traditional method of looking to the colour of the sky at morning and night before deciding upon where they should be tending their sheep.

“That idiot Tim Bailey said we were in for a fine day last Tuesday but when I got up at dawn the sky was a deep shade of Dartmouth green so I knew we were in for some drizzle,” said Brown. “Sure enough it started pissing down halfway through the day and didn’t stop. Luckily I’d already distributed ponchos and gumboots to the sheep so none of them got wet.”

Brown’s red/green colour blindness rarely interferes with his work. As recently as last year he and his faithful red cattle dog “Greeny” won first prize at the sheepdog trials.

Peter Green


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