Cat Waiting For End Of Break In Traffic Before Crossing Highway

An increasingly impatient cat is getting worried that there may never be an end to the break in traffic that is currently preventing him from crossing a major highway.

“All I want to do is shoot out from nowhere and narrowly miss the wheels of several passing cars and give the drivers a heart attack,” said frustrated Arncliffe cat Mr Socks. “For some reason the Princes Highway is particularly unbusy tonight and I’m starting to feel that I may never get a chance to cross unsafely.”

Local cats have complained about this stretch of the highway for years, lobbying for more semi trailers and higher speed limits.

“It gets drummed into us as kittens that the best time to cross the road is when there hasn’t been a car for several minutes and then one appears all by itself,” said the black and white desexed male. “I then zoom out from behind a parked car, pin the ears back and plot a path that hopefully takes me in front of the driver’s side wheel and behind the passenger’s side wheel.”

Mr Socks later reported successfully crossing the highway, leaving a bus driver clutching frantically at his chest.

Peter Green


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