Blinky Bill Movie Heralds Revival Of Koalas In Overalls Genre

A new film based on beloved overalls wearing koala Blinky Bill is introducing the pleasures of the koalas in overalls genre to a whole new generation of movie fans.
“Up until the 1960s koalas in overalls movies were a staple of the cinema,” said Bobvulture film critic Alain Choctop. “I fondly remember Saturday afternoon at the flicks when all us kids would buy our Jaffas and sit down to be enthralled by a serial and a double feature starring our favourite koalas in overalls heroes. There was Eucalyptus Hughie, Scribbly Bark Pete and of course Gumleaf Gus, the singing koala in overalls, and his faithful wombat Pouchy.”
“The rise of the multiplex and popularity of big budget special effects spelt the end of the koalas in overalls,” said Simone Misenscene, lecturer in screen theory at Melbourne University. “Kids started to consider the genre a bit old hat, though Star Wars is really just a koalas in overalls movie with robots instead of koalas.”
Like all recent Australian movies, the critical reception to Blinky Bill is expected to be evenly divided between fawning praise from those who know someone involved in the production and rabid scorn from those who are jealous that their own script didn’t get any funding.
“I’m just happy to see the return of the koala in overalls to the big screen,” said film buff Bill Bitpart. “I can’t wait to start cheering the hero and booing the villain, who I’m guessing will be some kind of talking emu.”

Peter Green


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