Caveman Telethon Raises Nice Pile Of Shiny Objects

The potions and incantations unit of the Royal Witch Doctor For Children will be able to purchase a much needed sabre tooth tiger skin thanks to funds raised by the annual caveman telethon.

“We’d like to thank everyone who drummed in a donation,” said a grateful Ogg, host of the 24 hour broadcast from around the big fire in the clearing. “We’d especially like to thank Grunk and his tribe, who pledged a sack full of many arrow heads and challenged every other band of roving mammoth hunters to do the same.”

Other viewers singled out for their generosity include five year old Stig who donated his weekly pocket money of one smooth round stone, Larlee from the forest beyond the hill on the other bank of the great river who promised to send in $50 Neanderthal if Ogg sang Danny Boy, and Barry who kindly dropped off an entire woolly rhinoceros carcarse.

“We’ll have enough pieces of flint left over to barter them for some sharp stones for drilling holes in kiddys skulls to let out the bad spirits,” said overjoyed head witch doctor Grerrrr. “On behalf of everyone here I’d just like to say ooo eee ooo arr arr bing bang thank you ever so much walla walla bing bang.”

Peter Green


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