Inventor Of Dad Jokes Dies: To Be Buried In Dead Centre Of Town

Tributes continue to pour in for inventor of the dad joke Iva Biggin, who died tragically after being torn apart by a bear at the zoo, most hoping that he now rests in pieces.

“We’re very sad because we’ve lost our dad,” said Biggin’s grieving son Watta. “But don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find him again. I think the hearse might have just taken a wrong turn.”

“In accordance with Iva’s last request no food will be served at the wake”, said funeral director Phil Boxes. “If anyone tells me that they’re hungry I’ve been instructed to say “Hi Hungry, I’m Phil. Nice to meet you”. It’s what he would have wanted.”

“My job has become even more responsible now,” said teary eyed cemetery manager Doug Graves. “The death of Iva means that I now work above a thousand and one people.”

As a special tribute the hearse driver made a farting noise when driving by the sign on the road that says “High Wind Area” and said “Uh oh, snake on the road” when driving past the “winding road ahead” sign.

As the hearse arrived, many attendees of the funeral noted that the engine wasn’t very good but that it had an excellent body.

Peter Green


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