Man Stealing Egg With Spoon Caught By Policeman In Sack

A bold attempt to steal a priceless Faberge Egg with a spoon was foiled after the culprit was unable to outrun a quick thinking police officer who jumped into a hessian sack and set off in pursuit.

The early morning quiet of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg was shattered when renowned international egg thief Myron Albumen smashed a glass display case containing the egg with a large soup spoon stolen from the cafeteria. He transferred the egg onto the spoon and carefully made his way towards the exit.

His plans were thwarted when off duty policeman Sergei Burlap, barefoot at the time, grabbed the sack which had just been used to deliver a bushel of potatoes to the kitchen. Burlap stood inside the sack to protect his feet from the broken glass and took off after the brazen thief.

He was joined in the chase by museum security guards Olga Tridexter and Vladimir Tresnoga, who were putting silk barrier ropes in place in a different room of the museum when they heard the commotion. Despite getting tangled up in the ropes in such a way that Trideexter’s right leg was somehow tied against Tresnoga’s left leg, the pair were able to block the exit for long enough to allow Burlap to tackle the hapless Albumen.

In a separate incident at the St Petersburg Zoo, a gang of reptile thieves who tried to steal a rare boa constrictor were thwarted when a bunch of zookeepers grabbed the other end of the snake and pulled them back into the grounds of the zoo.

Peter Green


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