Brain Damaged Spanish Waiter Sues Torquay Hotel Owner

A waiter is suing his former employer for a record 5 million pounds in a landmark worker’s compensation case at the Old Bailey in London.

“I was slapped on the head in a violent fashion whenever I was deemed to have made a mistake,” said Barcelona born waiter Manuel Sanchez of his time working in the restaurant of popular Torquay hotel Fawlty Towers. “To this day I suffer blackouts and nightmares due to the many concussions I received and the constant bullying.”

In addition to the physical violence, it is alleged that hotel manager Basil Fawlty cooked Sanchez’s pet rat in a ratatouille and forced him to handle a dead body without providing gloves.

The case was adjourned by judge Werner Von Schmidt after the defendant was adjudged to be in contempt of court for continuing to mention the war.

“I have no comment to make,” said Fawlty before proceeding to the car park where he began thrashing his vehicle with a tree branch.

In a separate case the judge dismissed a claim of sexual harassment being brought by former Grace Brothers sales assistant Wilberforce Humphries, stating it was well within the rights of his employer to ask him to see to a customer’s inside leg.

In courtroom number three, jubilant bus driver Stanley Butler celebrated being awarded a million pounds compensation after it was found that inspector Cyril Blake had left him in fear for his life after stating several times that he would “get him” during the term of his employment.

Peter Green


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