Large Mass Of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons With Illusion Of Thought At Front Door Wanting To Talk About Religion

A collection of the most elemental particles of the universe, bonded by the laws of the four known forces of physical nature in such a way as to form a neural network capable of cognition of its own existence, is currently at the front door of a Sans Souci house wanting to talk about God.

“The strong force has bound quarks and bosons and so on into the stuff of the nucleus of an atom, allowing electromagnetic interaction with electrons, in turn forming atoms which bond into molecules which build the infrastructure of a brain, which has instructed this set of the components of matter to be currently waving a pamphlet around at my front door,” said scientist Regina Van Der Waals. “The higher order functions of this assortment of basic units of energy are quite insistent that I would benefit from being awoken from a nice sleep and being informed that my soul could be saved for eternity.”

Van Der Waals instructed the substance, which at times could be made from particles or could be formed from waves, to sod off.

Peter Green


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