Shire Man Only Person In World To Listen To Men Without Hats Song in Past 24 Hours

A shire man replaying an old mix tape that he recorded in 1983 was the only person in the entire world to listen to the song Safety Dance by Canadian band Men Without Hats over the past 24 hours.

“Our research indicates that Engadine man Shane Windsor-Smith is the only person anywhere in the world who had reason to hear the electropop ditty that enjoyed considerable chart success back in its day”, reported Gavin Payola from the Australian Recording Artists Airplay Association. “From what we’ve heard, he was digging around in his mum and dad’s back shed looking for an old photo album and came across a shoebox full of his old mix tapes, including one labelled ‘Best 45s’ which contained the song.”

The ARAAA’s list of least played songs is topped by the 1984 recording Take It Back by The Pookah Makes Three, which hasn’t been heard by anyone in the world since the video clip was played on You Tube in July 2011 by Stanmore woman Jane Bubbleskirt during a late night trawl of her favourite 1980s singles. Second place belongs to Big Girls by the band Electric Pandas, last listened to in May 2014 by a truckie playing a 2CD collection called “The Eighties Explosion” that he bought at a service station just outside of Narrabri.

“I’m chuffed that someone listened to our song and I hope he enjoyed it,” said Men Without Hats lead singer Ivan Doroschuk when we called him to report the listening. “You might be interested to know that the video clip was a fairly accurate portrayal of how I live my life. Anyway, thanks for calling, I have to get back to prancing around in a field with a midget while dressed up in medieval costume.”

Peter Green


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