Kids Rescued From Backyard Pool After 37 Years Trapped In Whirlpool

Emergency services have finally freed three kids who became trapped in a whirlpool in a Clark Rubber above ground swimming pool in 1978.

“I can’t remember who it was who first suggested that we make a whirlpool but we soon realised the water was going round and round way too fast to safely get a grip on the sides of the pool so we each grabbed a pool pony and just clung on,” said Pete Crenshaw, now 45 years old. “Luckily our mums and dads have been able to throw food at us and tubes of zinc cream to keep our noses covered.”

Crenshaw’s parents found the three boys trapped helplessly inside the pool after becoming alarmed that they hadn’t come inside to watch Hogan’s Heroes at half past five.

“They tried catching us with the leaf scooping net but the current was too strong and the end just broke off,” said Bob Andrews, who was glad to find his towel still hanging off the gym set where he’d left it thirty seven years ago. “I have so much catching up to do. I’m pretty happy to find out that they still show the Thunderbirds every Saturday morning at six o’clock.”

“The highlight was when I got married to Bob’s little sister Vicky in 1996 and we conducted the ceremony with her running around and around the outside of the pool in her wedding dress,” said Julius Jones, able to do more than just give his wife a passing high five for the first time. “This should be a warning to any bunch of kids thinking of starting a whirlpool of their own. Walk, don’t run.”

After tearfully re-uniting with friends and family and comparing how pruny their skin had become, Andrews and Jones were far from enthusiastic about Crenshaw’s suggestion that they now make a whirlpool going the other direction.

Peter Green


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