Material Possessions Extremely Under Rated Says Wealthy Buddhist Monk

People would be much more happier if they made the acquisition of earthly goods the focus of their life, reported a billionaire Buddhist monk from his luxury mansion atop a mountain in Thailand.
“I own a Rolls Royce, a yacht, a massive wide screen television and have lobster for dinner every night and it’s fantastic,” said absurdly well off elephant trader and Buddhist monk Chan Suttikul. “I derive deep inner satisfaction from having lots and lots of stuff compared to the times in my life when I was rich in much less tangible ways.”
“My master in the monastery taught me that the richest man he knew was a penniless blind beggar who lived in the marketplace who smiled all the time and was friends with everyone he met. Bollocks. The richest man I know is a guy called Barry who owns a gold mine and spends his time snorting coke off the backs of hookers.”
Indeed once he made his first million dollars Suttikul tracked down the blind beggar and several others like him and offered them a bucket load of cash to fight each other for the amusement of his houseguests.
“The blind beggar is now smoking big Cuban cigars and dining on caviar and he spits upon his old friends from the marketplace whenever he meets them,” said Suttikul as he lazed beside his swimming pool. “I’ve got the Dalai Lama coming around this afternoon to play on my X Box and discuss his share portfolio. This beats the hell out of stopping to appreciate a nice sunset.”

Peter Green


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