Bonsai Redwood Tree Only Thirty Feet High

The Guinness Book Of World Records has officially recognised a thirty foot high Californian Redwood as the world’s tallest bonsai tree.

“By careful pruning of the roots and shoots I’ve managed to create an aesthetically pleasing exact miniature of the redwood tree,” said West Ryde bonsai gardener Harry Shoji. “A man from Guinness came around and measured it with a crane to confirm that I now hold the world record.”

Shoji raised the tree, which he now houses in a rented aircraft hangar, from a seedling. He enlists 100 mates to help him carry the tree whenever he puts it on show.

“Harry’s tree takes over the record from a thirty two foot high Tasmanian Mountain Ash that unfortunately got struck by lightning last year,” said Guinness bonsai expert Seamus O’Neill. “It’s very soothing to the eye. I particularly like the tiny ceramic Japanese fisherman he has leaning on the base of the trunk.”

The ceramic Japanese fisherman turned out to be a real Japanese fisherman and Shoji now faces charges of kidnapping and unlawful restraint.

Peter Green


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