Houseguest Not Sure If Night Time Flushing Allowed

A shire visitor is uncertain whether the policy of the household of which he is a guest allows flushing of the toilet after bed time or whether it is better to wait until morning to push the button.

“Toilet flushes always sound so much louder at night time and the noise made by the water rushing back in to refill the cistern seems to echo loudly around a sleeping residence”, said confused Heathcote houseguest Andrew Tinkle as he pondered how to deal with a wee in the Gold Coast home of old school friend Brad Dunnycan. “If I was at home I’d happily give the half flush a go but I’m not sure if I’m going to get into serious trouble for waking the whole family up with post midnight plumbing action.”

“Certainly if it’s number twos then Andrew should give it a full flush with a clear conscience,” said residential sanitation auralist Rita Esbend. “As for number ones in some cases it is the house style to leave it unflushed till the first person who wakes up in the morning arrives to deal with it. However, I can understand that Andrew may not wish to stink up the toilet with his wee.”

“While I myself try to hold it in till I hear how one of the senior members of the house deals with the situation, this can sometimes be impractical,” said ablutions ethicist and blogger Sonya Spendapenny. “One should perhaps do what the Queen does when she’s staying in a strange castle and leave the air vent on to cover the sound of the flushing until it begins to peter out a little.”

Peter Green


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