Manufacturers Admit There Never Was Any Difference Between CDR and CDR+

The makers of blank compact discs have come clean and admitted that there never was any difference between the CDR and CDR+ formats.

“The whole thing was just a ploy to double the sales of blank CDs,” according to former Sony executive Jake Mixtape. “We just made sure that the top disc in 50% of every spindle of CDs that we sold didn’t work no matter what format it was, making the consumer think they had somehow purchased the wrong type and sending them back to the store in frustration.”

“We gambled on people being too lazy to bother checking what sort of CD played on their device,” said Imation vice president Julie-Anne Megabyte. “The beauty of the scam was that even if you did remember what format worked for you last time there was no guarantee that it would work for you the next time.”

“We knew that no-one would want to admit to the intimidating technonerds who work in electronics shops that they didn’t check the format of their device before leaving home,” said Kodak engineer Ruth Stackring. “The only downside was that many of the unused discs were purchased by hippies and this led directly to the invention of the compact disc back verandah mobile. Sorry about that.”

Peter Green


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