Missing Scissors Found After Use Of Mime

A missing pair of scissors thought to be irretrievably lost have been found after the owner walked around the house miming a cutting motion with her fingers.

“I’d given up hope of ever finding my good scissors when as a last throw of the dice I started walking from room to room pretending to be cutting something,” said relieved scissor owner Tania Snips. “As if by magic I was drawn towards the nest of tables in the lounge room and there they were where I’d last used them to cut out entries to the puzzle contests in That’s Life.”

“One of the few practical uses of mime is its handiness when you need to find lost scissors,” said professional thing finder Ross Misplace. “It’s a well known fact that Marcel Marceau never lost a pair of scissors in his life, due to his superb miming skills.”

Aviation authorities recently applied the same method to search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 by sending out volunteers to walk around with their arms outstretched pretending to be planes.

“Unfortunately the method seems to apply only to missing scissors,” said Captain Joyce Takeoff from the RAAF. “I recently had partial success trying to find my missing phone by walking around the airport with my fist held up to my ear with my thumb and pinkie finger extended. In the end I had to get someone else to call my number.”

Peter Green


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