Man At Edge Of Town Elated That Rotary Club Is Meeting At 7:30 On Tuesday Night

A delighted shire man on a road trip through western Queensland intends to stay until Tuesday after reading on the sign welcoming him to town that the next meeting of the local Rotary Club will be held on 7:30 that night.

“I love a good Rotary Club meeting,” said ecstatic Barden Ridge vacationer Paul Lind as he drove into the town of Bushman’s Blow, population 1032 elevation 744 metres. “I’m all up for joining some total strangers in a bit of community minded peace, goodwill and understanding. If I’m really lucky I’ll be able to take part in sponsoring some one legged guy to go to the Olympics or something.”

“We’re stoked that Paul is thinking of dropping by our meeting and more than happy to put on an extra sandwich and glass of cordial for him,” said Trevor Gumboot, president of the Bushman’s Blow Rotary Club. “I’m sure he’ll have some good ideas about the slippery dip we’re thinking of sponsoring for the town’s playground. And I’d like to assure him that the Rotary Club is not just a cover for some scheme where we murder unsuspecting travellers and scavenge their vehicles for parts. I mean, why would I even say something like that. Chuckle.”

Upon further examination of the sign, Lind was pleased to discover that the Apex Club meets every second Monday and the Lions Club will be meeting at 7:30 on Wednesday.

“I’m definitely considering extending my stay in town until Wednesday so I can go to that Lions Club meeting,” said a beaming Lind. “There’s nothing I love better than a boisterous session of tail twisting amongst people I’ve just met.”

Peter Green


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