Man At Edge Of Town Elated That Population Is Exactly 1032

A shire motoring enthusiast was excited to be informed by the sign welcoming him to the western Queensland town of Bushman’s Blow that the population was 1032 people.

“I think 1032 is just about the perfect number of people to have in a town; neither too big or too small but just right,” said cheerful Barden Ridge journey maker Paul Lind. “It means the town is probably big enough to support two pubs, a selection of milk bars and a choice of ATMs, but small enough that everyone still nods and says hello as they walk past on the footpath. I’m really glad they put this information on the sign leading into town because when I consulted the back of my Easy 2 C Calendar which I always carry with me I was rather disappointed that Bushman’s Blow wasn’t one of the towns or municipal regions whose populations they listed.”

Not content to rely upon whoever it was who painted the sign, Mr Lind intends to spend the next day or so counting each person in town individually to make sure the stated figure is correct.

“This is a harder task then I realised because some of the residents have changed their shirts during the course of the day and I may have counted them twice,” said Mr Lind as he adjusted his abacus. “It helps that a good deal of the townsfolk are gathered in one spot behind the Rotary Club constructing a giant human figure out of wicker.”

“I’m stoked that Paul thinks our town has the ideal number of people living in it,” said Trevor Gumboot, mayor and town butcher. “Perhaps he’ll stay with us forever and we’ll have to change the population to 1033, though of course that figure only includes living people and not dead people, though why would I say that out loud. Humorous snort.”

Peter Green


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