Man Driving Out Of Town Touched To Be Thanked For His Visit

A Melbourne tourist on a driving holiday of Western Australia was genuinely touched that the people of the small town of Dunnybrush had gone to the effort of building a sign on the way out of town thanking him for his visit.

“I didn’t realise that my visit to town had meant so much to the people here,” said teary eyed road tripper Norbert Undulate. “To be honest the total sum of my business in town was to buy a Farmers Union Iced Coffee at the milko and do a big job at the rest rooms. Yet there on the side of the road as I left was a massive sign thanking me for visiting, urging me to drive carefully and hoping to see me again soon.”

“Norbert’s visit to town was the highlight of our year and even before he’d finished paying for the iced coffee we’d got a committee together to think of ways that we could thank him for dropping by,” said mayor Wally Thong. “Some towns don’t treat visitors well at all. Take that guy who went missing in western Queensland last week, for example. Anyway, I hope he liked the sign. Did he say anything about coming back?”

Mr Undulate was too busy reading his map to notice that several hundred townsfolk had gathered beside the road to wave him goodbye. A young couple at the Dunnybrush Base Hospital has named their newborn baby daughter “Norberta” in his honour.


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