Acapella Band Smashes Instruments At End Of Concert

Four members of an acapella band are in hospital with extensive facial injuries after getting carried with excitement at the end of a gig and smashing their instruments on stage.

“It was such an awesome show and the crowd were going off so after the second encore I went totally over the top and started hitting my mouth on the speakers,” said Brian Doowop, lead singer of Sydney accapella band Clef Palate, painfully through a wired broken jaw. “I looked around and there was Howard our tenor giving himself an uppercut square in the kisser.”

“It was just like Cold Chisel at the end of the 1980 Countdown Awards but with stripy red shirts and more teeth flying around,” said audience member Shirley Zeehan. “I guess the heady mix of sweet harmonising and straw hats went straight to their heads and they totally lost control.”

The emergency services have been put on full alert and a whole ward has been set aside at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in case there is a repeat of the incident at tonight’s Polyphonic Spree concert in the Domain.

Peter Green


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