Estate Agent Up All Night Hand Writing Flyers

An ink covered Sydney estate agent is hoping to catch up on some sleep after spending all night hand writing notes informing every home owner in his suburb of the many buyers who are interested in purchasing their properties.

“I’ve had an unprecedented number of potential investors wanting to buy every house in the suburb and I feel it would have been remiss of me not to pass that information onto the home owners,” said Mortdale real estate agent Danny Buckingham. “Unfortunately my printer went bung so I’ve worked rather valiantly until the small hours of the morning with a box of blue Bic pens writing out a note for each home owner in person.”

“Who uses a pen in this day and age?” wondered home owner Shawna Young as she clutched one of the hand written pamphlets. “I’ll tell you who. Someone who cares deeply that I don’t miss out on chance like this. I was wondering who those guys were who kept stopping outside my home and just staring at it, and now I know it was several interested buyers. I’m glad that Danny has my back.”

“I’m just a compulsive home buyer and am in the habit of buying whole streets worth of homes at once so I’m glad I told Danny about my interest in all the homes in Mortdale,” said super rich home buyer Greg Campbell. “I’m delighted that he took it upon himself to write a note to everyone because I’m much too shy to approach anyone myself.”

Mr Buckingham has been off work with a severe case of writer’s cramp but hopes to sell a plethora of homes once his hand goes back to its original shape.

Peter Green


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