Crowd Fleeing Fire At Escher Exhibition Trapped In Endless Fire Escape

Hundreds of people fleeing a fire that broke out at an exhibition of the works of Dutch artist M.C. Escher are still trapped in an endless loop on the stairs of the fire escape.

“No matter how many flights of stairs we run down we always end up back where we started,” said terrified art lover Jane Brushstroke. “I’m pretty sure I just went by the 18th floor for the 437th time. I’d love to know how this building ever passed its fire inspection.”

“We’re having real trouble putting out the fire because we’re not sure which way the water is running through our hoses,” said fire chief Ray Tinderbox. “At this stage we believe the fire started from friction caused by a collision between two flocks of birds.”

Heat from the fire is so intense it has caused the clock on top of the nearby building housing the Salvador Dali exhibition to start to melt.

Peter Green


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