Four Year Old Astronomer Announces Discovery Of Smiley Face On Surface Of The Sun

An astronomer from NASA’s kindergarten department has released a groundbreaking drawing of the sun that clearly shows a huge smiley face covering most of the surface of our nearest star.

“I’ve created a simulation of what the surface of the sun looks like from the spectral analysis of the gases in its atmosphere,” said junior NASA scientist Mitchell Corona. “I’ve elucidated two round eye like formations and a long curved structure that sits just below them.”

The news was presented at a press conference in NASA’s Department of Kid’s Research, a square houselike building with a triangular roof, two windows with frames divided evenly into four squares and a chimney that trails a curly line of smoke.

“We have a lot more research to do into the sun,” said five year old astronomer Janey Helios. “We’ve worked out what the surface looks like but there is still intense disagreement over whether it is shaped like a circle or just a quarter of a circle.”

An announcement is expected soon as to whether the sun’s rays are straight or squiggly.

Peter Green


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