Monopoly Game Started In 1971 Shows No Sign Of Ending

A family game of Monopoly that began in 1971 is no closer to finishing as it enters its 46th year of play.

“We started playing on a rainy weekend and have been getting back to the board for two or three hours play a couple of times a day ever since,” said Jenny Carruthers, 52, who was 7 years old when the game started. “At first we kept the game alive by loaning each other cash whenever it looked like someone was going bankrupt but with 45 years worth of compound interest on our savings everyone in the game is now a multi-trillionaire.”

“Five generations of our family have been part of the game at some stage or another,” said Don Carruthers, 83, owner of two of the three green properties on the same side as Mayfair. “Grandpa died in 1983 after patiently waiting for the game to finish for 12 years so he could use the card table to sort out his slides.”

The family has observed eleven marriages, 23 births and four divorces since the game began. Non family member Greg Slade joined the game in 1997 when he entered the house to read the electricity meter and was asked to sit in for a move while mum Dawn went to the toilet. Ironically he now owns the electricity company as well as the waterworks.

“Amazingly after more than 4 million moves no-one has ever landed on Vine Street,” observed Megan Carruthers, 27, who had to borrow a little wooden peg from the family set of Trouble to use as a mover when she joined the game in 1993. “We’ve also banned the use of any phrases suggesting that there were only two people in the beauty contest.”

Amy Carruthers, 55, the only family member not involved in the game, is hoping the game ends before the end of the decade so that they can start a game of Squatter.

Peter Green


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