Scientists Detect Mexican Waves In Space

Scientists investigating the fabric of the space time continuum have announced the discovery of Mexican waves emanating from deep space.

“Einstein predicted that subatomic particles should start getting restless during boring parts of the second half of the collision of black holes and jump upwards into an excited state,” said physicist Arthur C Quark from the Audience Merriment Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (AMIGO). “This starts a chain reaction that circles the black hole several times before returning to its original state once something interesting happens in the singularity.”

“The wavelength fluctuated when it went past the members section of the black hole as Einstein predicted in his special theory of crowd reactivity,” said Caltech professor Delta Charm. “This is in line with the wave particle theory of crowds that de Broglie proposed during a boring local derby between Paris St Germain and Olympique Marseille in 1923.”

Scientists working at CERN are on the verge of confirming that sound waves emanating from pulsars are caused by space vuvazelas.

Peter Green


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